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Frequently Asked


1) What's a Fish 


A fish pedicure or manicure, depending on your preference, is the process of immersing your feet or hands in a unit filled with Dr. Fish. These fish nibble on your dead, dry skin using their tongues and lips, to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while looking healthy as well.

2) Are Fish Therapies Safe?

Absolutely! Not only is there little to no risk of infection from the fishes, we also have UV sterilizers in each tank to sanitize the water 3 times a minute! Adding to that, we also check your hands or feet for cuts and abrasions! If you have a cut or abrasion, we do not let you in our tanks due to hygiene concerns.

3) Do fish manicures/pedicures 

actually work?

We're not going to lie, a ten minute session in our tanks will not give you drastic results, but if you are someone who takes care of their hands and feet, and stops by regularly, say once a week for 30 minutes, you will definitely see a huge difference when it comes to your skin!

Pakistan's FIRST and LARGEST Fish Spa? Heck yes!

What's better than being pampered by one employee? Being pampered by hundreds of employees! That's what you get when you relax in one of our tanks at Sakana ELITE.

We've added new tanks and increased the sizes of our units so you and two of your buddies can get a fish pedicure at the same time! (Hand units are per person though)

Dip-n-Go Prices: (Dip-n-Go includes nail trimming and a light massage using our patented Post Fish Spa Moisture Lock lotion)

10 minutes: Rs. 600

20 minutes: Rs. 800

30 minutes: Rs. 1000

Premium Luxury Fish Pedicure/Manicure prices vary. Check out our new location for more info or feel free to message us on Facebook or Gmail!

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